BMW Fault Codes

Repair Code Description of Repair
00110170 E34/E38 M60B30 Secondary air shutoff valve
00110171 E31/32/34/38 M60 automatic USA piston ring wear detectors
00110174 E34 M60 HS Cylinder wear detectors
00110175 "E31,32,34,38 M60 Cylinder wear detectors "
00110176 "E31,32,34,38 M60 Cylinder wear detectors "
00110178 E36 318tds Oil dipstick
00110179 "E36/M52 DME File Update (cylinder wear detectors, M52)"
00110184 E31/E38/E39 M62 Crankcase
00110185 E38/E31/E39 with M62 - Crankcase base plate - only VPC NU
00110301 E36 328iA US An additional tensioner pulley is missing
00110401 E36/M52 - Lambda probe plug is not located
00110501 E36 M52 B20 Israel Cylinder barrel surface wear detector
00110601 E36 Coolant hose rubs on the oil filter housing
00110801 E39 LHD M62 - Engine support trestle rubs
00110901 E36 - O-ring between oil filter and timing cover case
00111001 E36/M43 - Piston rings
00111401 E36 S50 B32 VANOS needle bearing
00111501 E36 M44 Front intake support (ZA only)
00111601 E39 M52/B25 Special engine with cast iron crankcase (SA 961)
00111701 E31 E38 M73 US short circuit/short circuit to ground in Lambda probes
00111801 E36/7 E38 E39 E46 M52 LEV/EU3 Oil filter housing
00112001 E36 US M44 Short circuit to eartch/open circuit in oxygen sensors
00112101 E36 US M42 Routing of Lambda probe cable
00112201 E46 M43 Oil dipstick too long
00112301 E36 M52 B25 Retrofit special-purpose motor with GG crankcase (SA 961)
00112401 E46 Replace M47 power unit
00112501 E39 Coolant hose - hose spacers
00112601 E36 E38 E39 E46 M41 M47 M51 vacuum pump
00112701 E46 M 47 Cylinder head leakage tightness
00112801 "E46 M47 Replacing piping system, EGR valve, support bracket for EGR cooler "
00112901 "E46 M47 Replacing EGR valve, piping system "
00113001 "E46 M52 (US+RHD) Vacuum line, secondary air valve "
00113101 E36 E46 M43 Drive belt pulley for A/C compressor loose
00113201 E39 M52 RHD Engine cover
00113301 E36 E46 M41 M47 Incorrect installation of big-end bearings
00113401 E38 E46 M57 M47 Replacing cylinder head bolts
00113501 E36/7 (with SA 199) exhaust emission values incorrect
00113601 E36/3 E38 E39 M51 Cylinder head gasket leaking
00113701 E36 E46 M44 M43 Valve spring incorrectly fitted
00113801 E39 M5 S62 Fan clutch
00113901 E38 E39 M57 Retrofit acoustic cover edge protector
00114001 E39 M5 S62 Leak from lower section of oil pan
00114101 E31 E34 E38 M60 US MY95 NOx limits exceeded (oxygen sensor)
00114201 E36 E38 E39 M52 Control characteristics of double-plate thermostat
00114301 E31 E38 M73 US Crankcase breather
00114401 E39 M5 Ground strap at cylinder head
00114501 E36/7 M52 Incorrect installation of coolant hose
00114601 E53 Oil dipstick incorrect
00114801 E38 M62 Oil hose between oil filter and engine twisted - correction
00114901 E36/2/4/7/C ECE (S50 B32) VANOS cover threaded connection
00115001 E36 E39 M52 Nikasil engine conversion (CKD Vietnam)
00115101 E52 S62 Quick-release couplings for oil lines
00115201 E52 Tip of dipstick broken
00115401 E36/5 Support for intake manifold loose
00115501 E46 M54 Coolant hose without chafe guard
00115701 E46 S54 Crankshaft big-end bearing - engine replacement
00115801 E39 E52 S62 Replacing intake air duct of intake plenum
00115901 E38 M67 Replacing camshaft sprocket + drive gear for high pressure pump
00116001 E46 S54 Finger retaining clip
00116101 E36/7 E39 E46 M52TU Characteristic map thermostat
00116201 E36/7 E46 S54 Oil change
00116301 R50 R53 (MINI) Engine oil change - SIA
00116401 E46 S54 Intake camshaft oil lubricating channel
00116501 E46 S54 Crankcase oil hole
00116601 E36/7 E39 E46 M52 (US) Crankcase breather
00116701 E46 M47TU Replace turbocharger
00116801 E46/5 N42 (SA 842) Crankcase ventilation
00116901 R53 Replacing vibration damper
00117001 E46 N42 (CKD) Balancing shafts
00117101 E46 N42 Replacing banjo bolt in cylinder head
00117201 E38/3 Oil pump bolt connection
00117401 E53 M57 Reworking intake system
00117501 E46 M54 Checking oil duct supply (VPC Japan)
00117601 E46 S54 Big-end bearing
00117701 E46/4 M47/TU (ZA) Replacing exhaust turbocharger
00117801 E85 M54 Retightening threaded connection of belt tensioner for air conditioner drive
00117901 E46 M54 Replacing bracket for secondary air pump
00118001 E46 M47/TU Reworking threaded connection for vibration absorber
00118101 R50 W17 Check hose clip on pressure hose for intercooler
00120111 E30/M20 Japan wearing protection for motor wiring harness
00120158 E38 M60 Oil level sensor
00120159 E38 M60 (with independent fuel burning heater) cold start
00120160 E36 M52 B20 Protective pipe on battery+ hose
00120161 "E36 M52 B20/B28 DME-electronic control unit, final stage "
00120163 E34 DME Fault storage
00120166 E31/E38 M73 Ignition unit priming plug
00120201 E36 M52B28 US Incorrect program status OBD2
00120301 E36 M52B28 US Incorrect poling of the secondary air pump
00120501 E31 M73 Replace the pedal evaluator
00120601 E31 M73 Block up the electronic engine performance regulator bypass hose
00120701 E38 M73 Check the pedal evaluator
00120801 E38 M73 Check the electronic engine performance regulator wiring harness connection
00121001 E36 S52 Overspeed storage in the DME-electronic control unit
00121101 "E31,E34/M60,M62 Porous oil level float switch "
00121201 "E38,E39 M51,M52,M62,M73 Failure of the safety module "
00121301 E39 DME-electronic control unit - chassis number not programmed
00121401 E36/S52 DME Data status
00121501 E36/Z3 US with M52B28 - DME Data status
00121601 "E36 E39 M52 B28 US (not including Z3) DME fault code entry, oxygen sensor "
00121701 E36/M44 Engine wiring harness/line to injection valves
00121801 "E46 M43, M52 Connector on crankshaft pulse generator not clipped in "
00121901 E36/5 M43 B16 DME malfunctions/failure
00122001 E46 M43 M52 Camshaft pulse generator
00122101 E46 M43 Failure of oil-level sensor
00122301 E46 M52 B25 (Belgium) incorrect construction DME control unit
00122501 E38 E39 M62 B+ starter cable defective
00122601 E46 M43 Seal for plug connector of oil level sensor
00122701 E36 E39 M52 S52 US Crankshaft position/rpm sensor failure
00122801 E39 M5 S62 DME control unit + engine oil
00122901 E38 M73 LEV US Wiring harness fault at DME control unit
00123101 E38 E39 M62 M73 LEV Alternator regulator malfunction
00123201 E46 M52 US (with SA 205) Fault code memory check not possible with Scan Tool
00123301 E39 M5 Engine wiring harness chafing
00123401 E38 Threaded connection of battery negative lead loose
00123501 E46 E36/C Threaded connection of battery negative lead
00123601 E36/7 E39 E46 M52 US OBD Fault memory inquiry/readiness code
00123701 E39 E52 (preproduction) S62 DME main relay
00124001 E36/7 M52 Engine cooling - reprogramming DME
00124101 E39 M5 US Readiness Code cannot be read out
00124201 E38 M73 Increasing idle speed
00124301 E38 M73 Replacing drive belt and alternator
00124401 E39 E52 S62 DME control unit defective
00124501 E52 (ECE) E-OBD interface
00124601 E52 B+ battery lead installed incorrectly
00124701 E46/5 316ti A DME control unit program change
00124801 E46/16 M54 Reprogram DME control unit
00124901 E53 M54 US DME control unit: Thermostat diagnosis
00125001 R50 R53 (MINI) Battery positive lead chafes against coolant hose
00125101 E52 S62 B+ cable fitted incorrectly
00125201 E36/7 E46 M52B20 Reprogram DME (engine cuts out)
00125301 "E46 N42 Alternator, faulty threaded connection "
00125401 E36/7 E39 E46 E53 M54 DME ECU Program - (E-)OBD lamp activation
00125501 R50 US DME Program control unit - emission check
00125601 E46 Replace alternator
00125701 E36/7 E39 E46 E53 M54 Programming DME control unit
00125801 E65 E66 Replacing integrated supply module (IVM)
00125901 E39 E46 M54 - Wiring harness engine ignition module
00126001 E46 M56 Adapter terminal 30 H
00126101 E46 M54 M56 Replacing starter motor
00126201 E46 M56 Programming DME control unit
00126301 E53 M54 Programming DME control unit (A/C compressor)
00126401 E85 Programming DME control unit (oil level warning threshold)
00126501 R50 (CVT) Programming DME control unit
00126601 E85 Programming DME control unit (fan)
00126701 E46 M56 Programming DME (knock control)
00126801 E46 M56 Programming DME (idle speed stability)
00126901 E65 E66 N73 Programming DME control unit
00127001 E65 E66 N73 Changing vehicle order (retrofitting SA 858)
00127101 E46 N42 Replacing ignition coil
00127201 E65 E66 N62 Programming DME control unit
00127301 E65 E66 N62 Replacing ignition coil
00127401 E65 E66 N62 Programming DME control unit
00130142 E36 S50/B30 Throttle valve potentiometer
00130401 E31 E38 M73 Exchange the throttle valve protection
00130501 E31 E38 E39 M62 - Injection strip
00130601 "E36/316G, E34/518G - CNG/DME electronic control unit file update "
00130701 "E36, E38, E39 with M52 - Coolant hose for throttle valve preheating "
00130801 E36 US - 3/2-way valve on body floor assy
00130901 E39 M52 CKD mounting of injection rail on intake manifold
00131101 "E38 E39 M57 DDE control unit, capacitor defect "
00131401 E38 E39 M51 Converting engine breather hose
00131501 E34 E36 518g 316g Replacing pressure control unit
00131601 E39 M51 Seal for fuel feed line
00131701 E39 M5 Formed hose in idle system
00131801 E39 E46 M57 Engine stalls during warm-up phase
00131901 E38 M67 Fuel filter
00132001 E46 M54 B30 Fuel filter pressure loss
00132101 E46/4 M57 A DDE data status incorrect
00132201 R50 (Mini) Fuel rail
00132301 E38 M62 (with SA 823) Air cleaner element in intake silencer
00132401 E46/5 N42 Fuel line
00132501 E38 E39 E46 E53 M57 Transmission emergency program (DDE control unit)
00132601 E46 M47 (318d) Reprogram DDE control unit
00132701 E65 Rubber gaiter on throttle assembly
00132801 E46 M47/TU Program DDE (exhaust turbocharger)
00132901 E65 N62 Replacing throttle valve assembly
00133001 E65 M57/TU Reworking intake port
00133101 E65 M57/TU M67 Reworking threaded connection for charge air temperature sensor
00133201 E46 M47/TU Programming DDE control unit
00133301 E46 M47/TU (ZA) Programming DDE (exhaust turbocharger) - prior to delivery
00133401 E65 M57/TU RHD Programming DDE control unit (Tempomat)
00133501 R50 W17 Replacing DDE control unit
00160102 E34 Preparation of the catalytic converter - assembly mistake during tank aeration
00160112 E36 M50 US Tank aeration line
00160114 E38 M60/62/73 Fuel pipe in the engine space
00160115 "E38 - Fuel pipe in the engine space (without USA,Canada,Japan) "
00160301 E36 M42 LA804 Closed active carbon filter drain hose
00160401 E36/Z3 Contaminated fuel tank
00160501 E36/4 US Incorrect fuel pipe
00160801 "Z3 /M44, M52 - Fuel line makes contact with carbon canister "
00160901 E36 without /5/7 Fuel supply line at delivery unit
00161201 E46 Fuel return line leaking
00161401 E46/C US Distributor (fuel system) incorrect
00161501 E46 Expansion tank hose clamps
00161601 E46 E52 Fuel tank leakage diagnosis module
00161701 E36/2/3/4/C Leak in fuel hose at in-tank pump
00161801 "E53 Breather connection piece, fuel tank leak"
00161901 E38 E39 Carbon canister
00162001 E53 Tank system fitted incorrectly
00162101 R50 Fuel feed line
00162201 "E38 Hose clip, fuel line "
00162301 R50 R53 MINI Fuel filler pipe
00162401 R50 R53 MINI fuel hose chafes against clip
00162601 "R50 R53 Ground strap, fuel filler pipe "
00162701 E53 Fuel suction jet pump O-ring
00162801 R50 R53 Replacing fuel filler pipe
00162901 E46 - Checking vent line to carbon canister
00170114 "E34,36 M42,43,44 Radiator (jammed)"
00170401 "E46 Cooling module, radiator adjusting screw "
00170501 E31 E32 E34 E36 Replacement of radiator cap (USA)
00170601 E31 E32 E34 E36 Replacement of radiator cap (rest)
00170801 E38 M73 Ventilation line to expansion tank closed off
00170901 E38 E39 M62 LEV Coolant return hose chafes against metal gasket
00171001 E53 M62 Transmission oil cooler line
00171101 E46/5 Electric fan
00171201 E46 Electric (main) fan
00171301 E46 Electric (main) fan
00171401 E39 E46 E52 E53 Replace radiator cap
00171501 R53 Intercooler bolt connection (corrosion)
00171601 R50 (SA 823) Radiator hose rubs against alternator
00171701 E46 N42 Checking routing of coolant hose
00180104 E36/5 Heat shield plate
00180201 Z3 Exchange catalytic convertor
00180301 E36 M52 Catalytic convertor screw connection /secondary silencer
00180401 E36/7 Z3 M44 Exhaust system damper is missing
00180501 E36/5 M52 Exhaust system mounting bracket
00180701 E39 M52 LHD Retrofit additional exhaust support
00180801 "E53 Exhaust pipe extension, sharp-edged "
00180901 E36/4/7 M44 US Replacing catalytic converter
00181001 E46 N42 Upgrade to EU4
00181101 R53 Tailpipe trim
00210101 E36/M41 Clutch pipe is broken
00210301 E46 M47 clutch line leaking
00210401 E39 M57 RHD Incorrect installation of clutch slave cylinder
00210501 E36 E46 Clutch release bearing incorrect
00210601 E46 Clutch release bearing
00210701 "R53 US/Japan Screw connection, clutch to two-mass flywheel "
00210801 R50 Routing clutch pipe
00210901 E39 RHD Checking clutch slave cylinder
00220201 E39 540iA US Bumper on the cross member transmission
00220301 E39 M52 Engine supporting arm torque is too low
00220401 E38 E39 Screw connection of engine mounting bracket
00220501 E52 Replacing left engine support arm
00220601 R50 (Mini) Engine mount tightening torque
00220701 R53 Gearbox mount threaded connection
00230104 Z3 M43/M44 Shift transmission oil change
00230301 E36 E39 E46 Transmission oil drain plug leaking
00230401 E36 M3 (for option SA 793) Connector gear detection potentiometer
00230501 E36 E46 gearbox securing bolt
00230601 E46 S54 (SMG) Replacing gear recognition switch
00230701 E46 S54 Replacing pipe clamp at SMG gearbox
00230801 E46 M54 Replacing SMG gearbox sensors
00230901 E46 M54 Replacing SMG clutch position sensor
00231001 E46 M54 Replacing manual gearbox
00240114 E31 M73 US Transmission wiring harness
00240120 E36/323iA LA Japan - Exchange electronic transmission control unit (Jatco transmission)
00240121 E36 323iA Electronic transmission control unit (Jatco)
00240122 E38 725tdsA Transmission control unit lockup clutch converter
00240201 "E38,39 M52 Faulty transmission control unit "
00240801 "E38 M51 AGS control unit, data status faulty "
00241101 "E38 E39 Automatic transmission (5HP24), ring gear faulty (extension) "
00241201 E46 M52 LHD US Drumming noise while coasting in 3rd gear (GM5)
00241301 E38 M62 B35 A-clutch casing 5HP24
00241401 E39 E46 M54 (with 5HP19) Replace transmission position switch
00241501 E36/7 E46 E53 M54 Programming/replacing EGS control unit
00241601 E53 M62 Transmission position switch
00241701 E39 E46 (5HP19) Replace oil screen on automatic gearbox
00241801 R50 Automatic transmission adaptation
00241901 E39 M54 Replacing transmission position switch GM5
00242001 E46 N42 Replacing cover plate for gearbox casing
00242101 E46 - Pressure regulator GM5
00242201 R50 CVT Replacing transmission oil
00242301 E46 M54 US Programming EGS control unit
00250201 E36 - Incorrectly built in gear lever rod
00250301 "E46 M47 Shift lever knob, vibration absorber ground loose "
00250401 E46 M52 LHD US Steptronic shift block
00250601 E39 S62 Shift knob titanium line
00250701 R50 ECVT Check automatic selector lever catch
00250801 R53 US Replace transmission gearshift cable
00250901 R50 Gearshift cable on reversing lever
00251001 R50 Retaining bracket on gearshift cable
00260101 E36 Propeller shaft screw connection
00260201 "735iA,523iA,528iA CKD - Propeller shaft screw connection seal on input flange/differential gear"
00260501 E39 M52 M54 Threaded connection of flexible coupling on propeller shaft
00260601 "E38 E39 E46 Threaded connection, propeller shaft with rear axle differential "
00260701 E39 Threaded connection for propeller shaft at rear axle differential
00260801 E65 E66 Propeller shaft centring sleeve
00260901 E65 M57/TU Replacing flexible coupling
00261001 E46 M57 Retightening threaded connection for propeller shaft
00310113 E36/4 Spring strut
00310114 E36/5 Front axle wishbone screw connection
00310115 E34 Front axle cross beam
00310117 E36/4/5 Lower spring strut screw connection
00310201 E38 Front axle springs break
00310701 E36 Wishbone screw connection on engine mount
00311301 E39 Swivel bearing
00311401 E39 Screw fitting of tension strut on swivel bearing
00311601 E39 M5 Threaded connection for stabilizer link
00311701 "E53 M62 Front axle differential O-ring, oil pan "
00311801 "E46/16 Front axle carrier, threaded insert "
00311901 "E53 M54 Front axle differential, oil change - Bremerhaven "
00312001 E53 M54 Front axle drive oil change - 1500km
00312101 E53 M54 Front axle drive oil change - 1st engine oil service
00312201 E38 Replacing front axle spring and spring mount
00312301 R50 MINI Replace control arm
00312401 R50 R53 MINI Replace front axle carrier
00312501 "E39 E46 Mount, front spring strut "
00312601 "E39 E46 Support bearing, spring strut front (without VPC) "
00312701 "E46 Bolt connection, spring strut front "
00312801 R50 Replace output shaft
00312901 "E66 Replacing spring strut, front "
00320122 E36 320i/4 325i/4 US Knee protector stiffening brace
00320123 E34 Wishbone tapered spigot
00320124 E34/E36 M50 Duroplast belt pulley
00320125 E36/5 Steering stop limit
00320126 E38/M62 RHD - Heat shield plate for track rod
00320127 E39 Track rod screw connection
00320201 E39 M62 LHD Power steering heat shield hose lies on the exhaust manifold
00320301 "E31,32,34,36 Locking unit in the steering wheel in broken "
00320401 E36 RHD Steering spindle corrosion
00320501 E36/5 RHD Steering spindle screw connection
00320601 E36 Z3/318i US Steering wheel screw connection
00320801 E36/7 Z3 Airbag module screw connection
00320901 E39 M52 Steering assistance pump mounting connection
00321001 E36 - Steering angle limiter is missing / incorrect tyre setting
00321501 E34/M50 Duroplast pulley for power steering pump
00321601 E39 M52 Power steering expansion hose
00321701 E36 M50 M52 Power steering pump pulley (ZJ only)
00321801 E36 Steering lock limiter not installed
00322101 "E36/5 E46 Track rod threaded connection, front axle "
00322301 E38 M73 LEV RHD Incorrect installation of steering expansion hose
00322401 E46 M52 Flexible coupling threaded connection
00322501 E39 M5 Power steering pump threaded connection
00322901 E53 Double joint at bottom of steering shaft scrapes against engine support
00323001 E36/5 E46 Track rod threaded connection
00323301 E53 (With SA 216) steering wheel return inadequate
00323401 E53 M54 US Steering column installed incorrectly
00323501 "E46 Toe setting, front axle "
00323601 "E53 Track rod at steering gear, threaded connection, axial joint "
00323701 E36 RHD Steering spindle corrosion
00323801 E53 Bottom of steering shaft at double joint
00323901 E52 Retrofitting electric steering lock ELV adapter lead
00324001 "E53 Threaded connection, power steering pump pulley "
00324101 E46 N42 Check routing of pressure hose for steering
00324201 R50 R53 US Steering angle sensor mounting
00324301 E39 E46 M54 Replacing power steering pump
00324401 E46 Tightening down steering wheel screw connection
00324501 E46 Threaded connection for track rods
00324601 E39 Threaded connection for power steering gear on front axle carrier
00324701 E46 Adjusting toe-in
00324801 E46 Checking track rod threaded connection (scope II)
00324901 E65 E66 Checking power steering
00325001 E65 E66 Checking breakaway torque of power steering pump pulley (VPC)
00325101 E65 E66 Power steering pump pulley
00330111 E36 M3 Rear axle bearing
00330113 E38 Rear axle wheel mount
00330116 E34 Rear axle screw connection
00330118 E38 Rear axle carrier
00330401 E39 - Check rear axle shaft wheel fastening
00330601 E39 Deviation of rear left bearing from ideal tolerance
00330701 E39 Deviation of rear right bearing from ideal tolerance
00330901 E39/2 - Rear axle beam
00331301 E39 - Swinging arm screw connection at front of rear axle carrier
00331801 "E46 M47 Weld, vibration absorber support bracket "
00332101 E38 E39 E46 M47 M52 M62 Threaded connection of crown gear in rear axle differential
00332201 E39 M5 Rear axle bracket replacement
00332301 "E36 E46 Eccentric screw, control arm "
00332401 E46 Wheel bearing threaded connection
00332501 E39 540iA Output shaft not hardened
00332801 E39 M5 Diameter of stabilizer bar at rear axle
00332901 E46 M57 A Rear axle vibration absorber not fitted
00333001 E38/3 Rear axle control arm
00333101 E38 E39 Threaded connection of output shaft to flange of rear axle differential
00333201 E39 Rear axle threaded connection
00333301 "R50 (MINI) Semi-trailing arm, rear axle "
00333401 R50 MINI Threaded connection of semi-trailing arm to body
00333501 E65 (HEA) Check position of output flange on rear axle differential
00333601 E65 Check integral link
00333701 E65 Replace eccentric screw guide control arm
00333801 E65 E66 Replace cover on rear axle differential
00333901 E65 E66 Checking output shaft
00334001 "E66 Threaded connection for vibration absorber, rear axle differential"
00334101 E66 Threaded connection for vibration absorber (VPC)
00334201 E39 Checking rear axle carrier
00334301 "R50 R53 Threaded connection, spring strut (VPC) "
00334401 E39 Checking RA stabilizer bar
00334501 E39 Checking and if necessary replacing rear axle stabilizer bar
00334601 "R50 R53 Threaded connection, semitrailing arm, rear "
00334701 "E60 Threaded connection, output shaft to final drive flange "
00340112 E36 Japan Break fluid return pipe
00340113 E36 RHD ABS electronic control unit
00340114 E36 Brake boost
00340115 E36 ABS-Sensor
00340116 E38/E39 M52 - Induction manifold bracket
00340301 E31 - Leaky master brake cylinder
00340401 "E31,38,39 Leaky hydraulic-unit discharge damper membrane "
00340501 E38 Brake pipe rubs on the rear axle carrier
00340601 E36 M52 S50 Incorrect vacuum hose
00340801 E36 - Rubber bushing ABS Mark 20
00340901 E38/750i/L Replace DSC 3 (dynamic stability control)
00341001 E36 - Replace ABS Mark 20 electronic control unit
00341101 "E36 US/Compact, Z3 with M44 - ASC spare wheel recognition "
00341201 E36 - Brake boost/master brake cylinder
00341401 E39 540iA Steering angle sensor matching DSC 3
00341501 E38 RHD - 750i/L/L7/3 - Vacuum hose brake booster
00341601 E39 Rear ABS sensor
00341701 E36/7 ABS hydraulic modulator connection
00341801 E39/2 Brake hose connection
00341901 E46 RHD vacuum hose brake booster scuffing on earthing point
00342101 E38 M62 M73 Software change ABS 5.7
00342201 "E39 M52 RHD Brake booster, incorrect vacuum hose "
00342301 E36/7 Vacuum hose clip
00342401 E38 M67 DSC 3 Improved control function
00342601 "E39 Hydraulic unit, hole "
00342701 E52 Brake caliper bolt connection on front axle
00342901 "E38 E39 M57 E46 RHD M47 Vacuum hose, brake system "
00343001 E46 (330xiA ECE) DSC variant coding data incorrect
00343101 "E53 Mounting, pedal assembly - brake booster "
00343201 E46 S54 Parking brake threaded connection
00343301 E46/16 Brake/fuel line spacer
00343401 "E53 Threaded connection, brake hose to brake caliper "
00343501 E46 Replace brake booster
00343601 R50 R53 Parking brake pushbutton cap
00343701 E46 (325ix) Replace rear brake discs
00343801 R50 R53 Replacing handbrake lever
00343901 E65 E66 Bending cable bracket for brake pad wear indicator
00344001 E65 E66 US Correcting brake pad wear indicator
00344101 "R50 R53 RHD (GB, Japan) Replacing handbrake lever "
00344201 "E53 Retrofitting brake hose retaining clip, front axle "
00344401 "E39 E46 Brake fluid, CKD Indonesia "
00344501 E53 LHD Reworking brake line
00350301 E36 / Z3 Accelerator pedal mounting
00350501 "E31, E32, E34, E36, E38 - Cruise control/bowden accelerator cable assy"
00350601 E36 / Z3 - Bowden accelerator cable assy fitted incorrectly
00350701 "E39 RHD Thrust-rod bolt, clutch pedal (prod. 01/96-08/97) "
00350801 "E39 RHD Thrust-rod bolt, clutch pedal with bracket for clutch switch (prod. 009/97-10/97) "
00350901 E46 USA/CAN Brake pedal retaining clip
00351001 E46/2 RHD Replacing accelerator cable assy
00351101 E46 Accelerator pedal module ASCI defective
00351201 E52 Incorrect installation of accelerator pedal module
00351301 E53 Fixing bearing shaft in pedal assembly
00360113 E36/5 SA337 Tyre setup
00360114 E36 M3 Size of rims in the automobile papers
00360115 E39 Damage to tyres
00360401 E39 Damage to front right tyre
00360901 E36/5 - Check wheel nuts
00361001 "E38, E39 - Adapter for wheel nuts is missing "
00361101 "E39/2 Tyres, incorrect speed class installed "
00361201 E39 M5 Threaded connection for rear wheel
00361401 E53 Tyre damage
00361601 E46/C Spare wheel (space saver spare wheel) incorrect
00361701 E46 Wheel stud adapter incorrect
00361801 E46 US B25 (with SA 203) Tyres incorrect
00361901 E46/4 (ZA) Check wheel stud tightening torque
00362001 E46/3 Incorrect tyre data in vehicle documents
00362101 E46 Rims damaged during assembly
00362201 E38 (SA 780) Tyre damaged on inside
00362301 "E38 E39 E46 (18"" tyres) checking tyres "
00362401 "E38 ""Run-flat"" safety tyres "
00362501 E53 Wheel stud lock adapter incorrect
00362601 E46 E39 Check outer side of tyre
00362701 E46/4 ZA Wheel bolt lock
00362801 R50 R53 Check tyres
00362901 E53 Electronic wheel module RDC failure
00363001 R50 R53 Checking left tyre
00363101 E65 E66 Recoding RDC
00363201 E65 E66 Changing RDC vehicle order (removing SE 876)
00363401 E85 Replacing tyre
00363501 E39 Checking tyres
00370301 E53 Two-axle air suspension retrofit
00370401 E38/3 Replacing pressure line for ride-height control system
00410110 E34 Metal padding in the boot/trunk
00410114 E38 Front end screw connection
00410201 "E36 with SA 786 - Flanging for 17"" tyres"
00410401 E32/3 Mounting of rear-axle bracket tears
00410501 E38 Water ingress body engine compartment
00410601 "E38 LHD Automatic, water ingressing through bulkhead "
00410701 "E46 Spring strut dome seal, rear left "
00410801 E39 Adjust boot-lid gap dimension
00411001 E36/7 Coupe Crack in B-pillar
00411101 E39/2 Cracking in tailgate
00411201 "E53 Seat belt anchorage, rear "
00411401 "E46/3 Mounting, bracket for net partition "
00411501 "E52 Water drain, sill "
00411601 E53 Crack in area of shock absorber mounting
00411701 E53 Screw missing in tailgate
00411801 E46/5 Front door corrosion
00411901 E46/5 Fold corrosion on inside/outside of front doors
00412001 E46/5 Corrosion on outside of front doors
00412101 E46 (ZA) Retrofit A-pillar sealing plug
00412301 E65 Check tailgate for cracks
00412401 E39 Checking front spring strut support
00412501 "R50 R53 Screw connection, door hinge "
00412601 E36/7 S50 Checking bracket for final drive unit
00412701 "E46 Side panel, front right "
00510132 E36/5 Sticker for tyre inflation pressure
00510137 E36/4 318tds Covering for cooling air intake
00510138 E34 with electrical seat adjustment safety ring
00510139 E36 Convertible cover flap covering
00510140 E36 convertible US Tyre pressure information plate
00510141 E36/3 Gas filled spring holder for boot/trunk
00510142 E31 A Noise insulation
00510143 E36 CAB Front reinforcement cross
00510144 E36/4 Seat fastenings
00510145 E36 Compact - Rear side window is not tight
00510146 E38 Door handle holder for Bowden cable
00510201 E39 540iA Raising the total weight when fully equipped
00510301 Z3 Incorrect/missing colour indicator shield
00510401 E38 SA357 Side window burglarproof glass
00510701 E38US E39US Rear electrical window lifter does not function
00510801 E39 US/CAN Broken glove compartment opening handle
00511001 "E38, E39, E31 - Observation of the paint"
00511401 E36/Z3 - Pin for door arrester strap
00511501 E36/5 - Bearing mount on rear bench seat
00511601 E38 Damper elements safety glass
00511901 E36/7 Guide plate catch hook (USA only)
00512001 E38/3 Windscreen leaking
00512101 E31 E36 E38 E39 Mechanical key code incorrectly documented
00512201 "E46 ACT airbag, A-pillar "
00512401 E39/3 Side window corrosion
00512501 E38 (With SA 316) Rubber grommet of hydraulic unit
00512601 E46 Jacking point loose
00512701 E36/7 Tyre pressure information plate
00512901 E39 M52 M62 Incorrect installation of heat insulator for rear silencer
00513001 E39 M5 Adhesive joint of rear spoiler
00513201 "E36/7 Bonnet (hood) lock pin, lock nut "
00513301 E46/2 Tailgate grip handle
00513401 E39 S62 Bottom cover of rear bumper
00513501 E53 Correction of roof load specification
00513601 E53 Replacing window frame finisher on rear doors
00513701 E46/2 Door will not open
00513901 "E46/C Air conditioning, front screen - no GPS reception"
00514001 E46/3 Tailgate window does not open via pushbutton
00514101 E52 Replace rear lid/tailgate damper
00514201 E53 M62 Oil filter line chafes against brake line (units carrier)
00514301 E38 Incorrect installation of rear door stop
00514401 E46 Underride guard
00514501 E46 No US airbag warning sign on instrument carrier
00514601 "E46 Expanding rivet, rear bumper "
00514701 "E46/5 Spring package, boot lid/tailgate "
00514801 E46/3/4 Door sound insulation (front left) not tight
00514901 E46/5 Space saver spare wheel retaining fixture broken
00515001 E53 Bonding of outside mirror glass
00515101 "E46/C US Bowden cable, luggage compartment emergency release"
00515201 E46/4 (Korea) Replace outside mirror
00515301 E46/5 M47 Replace fuel tank filler pot
00515401 "E46 S54 Bumper, towing eye "
00515601 E46/5 Tailgate prop
00515701 E53 Replace tailgate handle trim
00516101 E46/5 Under tank panelling
00516201 E65 Retrofit emergency release for tailgate
00516501 E65 E66 Rotary latch lock
00516601 E46 Retrofit heat shield
00516701 R53 Replace rear spoiler
00516801 R50 R53 Threaded connection of battery support bracket
00516901 R50 A-pillar clip (water inlet)
00517001 "R50 Wiring harness, body control unit (water inlet) "
00517101 "R50 Protective cover, body control unit (water inlet) "
00517201 E39/2 Replacing rear rubbing strip
00517301 E53 Checking boot lid stop
00517401 E65 E66 US Crash pad inlay
00517501 R50 R53 - Bonnet insulation mat
00517601 E46 LHD Replacing rotary tumbler lock
00517701 E46/4 Replacing rear door window
00517801 E65 E66 Replacing hydraulic lines for automatic boot lid
00517901 E60 Replacing tension spring for boot lid
00518001 E85 Reworking engine compartment shielding
00518101 "E46/4 US Replacing impact damper, front left "
00520401 E36 M3 US Replace head restraints
00520501 E46 Checking threaded connection of seat backrest
00520701 "E46/2/4 (with SA 464/465) Backrest frame, left (through-load facility with ski bag) "
00520801 E46/C Fastening of seat wiring harness
00520901 E46/C Microswitch for backrest lock indicator
00521001 R50 (MINI) Front seat backrest adjustment
00521101 "R50 Mounting, child seat "
00521201 "R50 R53 (US, Can) Mounting point, child seat "
00521301 "E65 E66 Replacing head restraint, front "
00540201 E36/5 Open air - Folding roof sealing junction
00540301 E36/7 Z3 M-roadster arrester strap of tonneau cover
00540401 E52 Tonneau / wind deflector
00540501 E52 Hardtop mount contact ring
00540601 "E85 Hall sensor, convertible top position "
00610131 E36/4 E36/5 Light relay
00610132 E36/5 (without SA 530) Rear window heating switch
00610134 E36 SA314 Door lock heating relay base
00610135 E36 convertible US Battery
00610136 E36/3 Rear window washer
00610139 E38 Fuel pump electrical connection
00610141 E38 M62/740i US Thermal oil level sensor
00610142 E32/E34/E36 325i US Brake light switch
00610301 M3 convertible - Battery+ line rubs in the foot space
00610501 E36 US Centerlock sensor
00610701 E39 RHD Driver's seat lumbar setting
00610901 E38 740iA US Garage door opener not built in
00611001 Z3 Loose spare battery+ cable
00611101 "E36, E39 or touring - Exchange vehicle immobilization control unit with SW 03 (vehicle does not star"
00611201 E36/4 - Loose connecting cable to battery in the boot (in part SA 832)
00611301 E38/E39 - Multifunctional steering wheel illumination flickers/attach dimmer
00611401 E39 with SA 581 - Check taxi set
00611501 E39 US - Ignition key warning signal
00611601 E39 A - Vehicle immobilization III-electronic control unit
00611701 E38 - Undervoltage protection (cool box)
00611801 E36 convertible with SA 395 - rollover sensor
00611901 E38 Rain sensor not encoded
00612001 E36 316i LHD Idle current distributor
00612101 E46 Replace left wiper blade
00612201 E39 (With SA 810) Change central coding code
00612401 E38/3 Central locking unlocking/locking independently
00612601 E36/7 S50 Throttle operation remaining suspended (relay support)
00612701 E46 Recode US general module
00612801 "E38 E39 (with SA 677 and 625) Retrofit of adapter lead, DSP amplifier "
00612901 E36/7 M44 S50 S52 Short-circuit on B+ cable
00613001 E36/7 M Roadster/coupe US ASC switch/indicator lamp
00613101 E36/7 B+ lead loose at battery terminal
00613201 E36/7 Retrofitting adapter lead for CD changer-radio
00613301 E36/7 M43 LHD Retrofitting set of cables for speedometer signal
00613401 E38 E39 (not including E38/3 and E39/2) Encode general module
00613501 E39/3 Retrofitting ground lead
00613601 E36/7 US Replacing clutch switch and support bracket for B+ distributor
00613701 E36/7 US Replacing clutch switch for starter inhibit
00613801 E36/7 M43 (without SA 530) Retrofitting double temperature switch
00613901 E46 M47 (with SA 520) Outside mirror heating defective (incorrect door wiring harness)
00614001 E38/3 Vehicle battery discharges
00614101 E39 Reconnecting line for tailgate lock
00614201 E38 E39 E46 Replacing brake light switch
00614301 "E46/4 One-touch function, rear door window "
00614401 E46 Crimping of seat wiring harness faulty
00614501 E38 M73 Replacing system battery
00614601 E38 M73 Replacing disconnecting switch
00614701 "E36/7 M43 RHD Electrical connection, secondary air pump"
00614801 E39 M54 Re-encode LCM (VPC only)
00614901 E39 Retrofitting wire in telephone wiring harness
00615001 "E53 A RHD Wiring harness installation, gear indicator "
00615101 E53 RHD Button for upper tailgate lock
00615201 E38/3 (with SA 182) Replace temperature switch
00615301 R50 R53 MINI Encode key transponder
00615401 E65 Program control units
00615501 E65 Program control units (VPC)
00615601 "E46 Replace housing, OBD connector "
00615701 E65 Program control units (wiper module)
00615901 E65 Program control units / emergency call switch
00616001 E65 Encode high beam
00616101 E46 Retrofit wiring harness module
00616301 E65 Replace tailgate button
00616401 E65 Program control units (integration stage 6.70)
00616501 E65 US Replace aerial/antenna amplifier + key - program ECU
00616601 "E65 Program control units (I 6.54, I 6.55) "
00616701 E46 S54 (JPN) Retrofitting gong line (reverse)
00616801 "E65 E66 Programming control units (I 6.60, I 6.70)"
00616901 "E53 RHD Securing wiring harness, steering column "
00617001 E65 E66 Encoding light module
00617101 E65 E66 Programming control units (I 6.6x)
00617201 E38/3 Hydraulic window regulator (relay)
00617301 E46/C Encoding IHKA/IHKR and CVM
00617401 E39 Replacing general module 3
00617501 E46 Replacing general module (pressure-sensitive finger guard system)
00617601 E46 Retrofitting electric cable (mirror heating)
00617701 E46/C US Retrofitting electric cable (parking aid)
00617801 R50 R53 Retrofitting adapter cable with diode for auxiliary fan
00620201 E39 Engine oil level control light does not function
00620301 E39/2 - Pictogram display in the combi
00620601 E38 E39 With SA 536 replacement instrument cluster
00620801 "E46 Japan version, instrument cluster software "
00620901 E36/7 US (not including M-models) Re-encoding instrument cluster
00621001 E38 E39 - Changing central encoding code (large-scale test brake light switch SA 037)
00621101 E38/3 Tank characteristic curve coded incorrectly
00621201 E39 Re-coding central encoding code
00621301 E52 (ECE) Replace integrated body electronics module (IKE)
00621401 E65 Replace instrument cluster - speedo dial face
00621501 R50 Belt warning - recoding instrument cluster
00621601 E65 E66 Clock in instrument cluster
00621701 E46 Replacing instrument cluster
00630301 E31 Low beam headlights and fog light
00630401 E36/5 Replace rear lamp
00630501 E46 LHD Replacement of front headlights and turn indicators
00630601 E38 Failure of xenon headlight
00630701 "E38/3 (With SA 144) retrofit lever, rotating beacon "
00630801 E46 RHD Incorrect installation of headlight
00630901 E46/2/C Direction indicator light loose
00631001 E85 Replacing headlight
00640117 E36 (without /5) Ventilation flap touches
00640118 E34 M50 Air-conditioning compressor screw connection
00640121 E38 Independent heater blower
00640122 E38 Independent heater holder
00640123 "E38/M73 - Induction pipe to air-conditioner - USA,Japan,Canada "
00640124 E36 328i Air-conditioning compressor
00640125 "E38 - Induction pipe to air-conditioner (without USA,Canada,Japan) "
00640201 E39 SA538 Function failure of latent heat storage
00640301 E38 Leaky air-conditioning condenser
00640501 E31 Leaky air-conditioning condenser
00641001 E38/M52 Garbled integrated heating and air-conditioning display indicator
00641101 "E38, E39 with SA 536 Independent heater automatically active"
00641201 E31 - Leaky heat exchanger
00641301 "E46 M47 LHD Hose clips, coolant hoses "
00641401 E46 M47 Starting problems with supplementary heater
00641501 E46 SA 534 Pressure line leaking
00641601 E46 M47 Bracket for supplementary heater
00641701 E39 (for option SA 538) Replace latent heat storage device
00642001 E39 M52 Leak in intake line for air conditioning
00642101 E39 540iA (CKD Mexico) Replacing engine supply and return hoses
00642201 E38 M57 Replacing control panel for automatic air conditioning (IHKA)
00642301 "E38 M52 Auxiliary water pump, connector pin assignments"
00642401 E39 M57 Control panel for heating/air conditioning - auxiliary heater function
00642501 E39 M57 Replacing IHKR / IHKA control panel
00642601 E46 M47 Auxiliary water pump
00642701 "E46 M47 without SA 530, 534 cut-off relay for heating/fuse assignments"
00642801 E46 M47 M57 Correct fuse assignments for auxiliary water pump
00642901 "E46 (With SA 530) adapter lead pressure sensor, air conditioning system "
00643101 "E36/7 M54 Intake line, A/C compressor "
00643201 E38 E46 E52 E53 Electric (auxiliary) fan
00643301 E39 E53 Electric auxiliary fan
00643401 R50 (MINI) Seat heating
00643501 E39 Electric fan (Kuwait police)
00643601 "E38 E39 E46 E52 E53 Electric fan - USA, Canada, Japan "
00643701 E38 E39 E52 E53 Electric auxiliary fan
00643801 E39 M47 M57 LHD Electric auxiliary fan
00643901 E46 M47 LHD Re-encode air conditioning operating unit
00644001 E39 M54 Electric auxiliary fan
00644101 R50 Attach pressure line air conditioner scuff protection
00644201 E65 E66 N73 Replacing electric fan (pressure fan)
00650112 E38 SA609 Navigation positioning
00650113 E38 SA609 Navigation selection
00650114 E38 SA609 Navigation CD-Software
00650115 E31 Antitheft warning system
00650116 E38 Jap Radio speed-dependent volume control
00650121 "E31,34,36 US Airbag-electronic control unit "
00650122 "E38/US and ECE with SA-806, or SA-352 Radio receiver "
00650301 E38 Faulty side airbag electronic control unit
00650401 E38 E39 Ocean radio onboard monitor fails
00650501 E38 CD-Road map is stuck
00650701 E39 - Amplifier for DSP (incorrectly built in)
00650801 E39/2 Amplifier connection for FM is incorrectly poled
00650901 "E32/3, E38/3 - Pressure switch for fresh air system "
00651101 E36 RHD with SA 260 - Side airbag
00651201 E38US E39US Fault in navigation system SW 7.0
00651301 E36/4 Side airbag module
00651401 E38 E39 Front side airbag
00651501 E36/Convertible with SA 674 sound volume faulty
00651601 E38 L7 Video recorder securing parts loose
00651701 E36/C Harmon Kardon hi-fi system
00651801 E46 GPS receiver defective
00651901 E38/3 Fire extinguishing system/air system trips
00652001 E46 Radio navigation operating software
00652101 "E36, E39 Replacement radio Business CD RDS "
00652301 E46/4 Subwoofer connection
00652401 E38 (for option SA 302) Replace microwave interior motion sensor(FIS)
00652501 "E46 ITS, fit of inflator assembly "
00652601 "E38 E39 Japan, video module software error "
00652701 E38 E39 (mit SA 677) Replacing DSP amplifier
00652801 E38 E39 Replacing DSP amplifier + retrofitting adapter lead
00652901 E46 Navigation Alpine software error
00653001 E36/7 coupe retrofit DWA interior space protection
00653101 E46 Airbag central triggering unit
00653201 E36/7 Replacing side airbag sensors
00653301 E46 Side airbag plus retaining clip
00653401 E36/7 Retrofitting power supply line for daytime running lights module
00653601 E46/2/3/C RHD Alpine on-board monitor
00653701 E36 M3 US Re-encoding airbag control unit
00653801 E53 Total failure of navigation computer
00653901 E46 CKD Mexico impact sensor/re-encoding airbag control unit
00654001 E46 CKD Mexico re-encoding airbag control unit
00654101 E38 (without M73) E39 E46 navigation computer adapter lead
00654201 E38 M73 Navigation computer adapter lead
00654301 E52 US Radar passenger compartment protection SDR
00654401 "E39 Radio, sound distortion "
00654601 E39 US Reprogram/replace radio (ALPINE)
00654701 E39 US Reprogram radio (VDO)
00654801 "E53 Antenna amplifier, voltage supply "
00654901 R50 R53 (MINI) Side airbag
00655101 E39 E46 US Program radio receiver (VPC)
00655201 E39 US Re-encode radio
00655301 R50 MINI Driver's airbag - PIN assignments
00655401 R50 R53 MINI Replace Boost CD53 radio
00655601 E39 E46 E53 Replace ALPINE MD53/CD53 radio
00655701 R50 MINI Replace Boost MD53/CD53 radio
00655801 E39 E46 E53 Program ALPINE CD53 radio
00655901 E65 Code sensor B-pillar right (SBSR)
00656001 E65 Replace airbag control unit/satellites
00656101 E65 Replace (Japan) aerial/antenna amplifier
00656201 R50 R53 (SA 650) Program CD53 radio
00656301 R50 R53 Radio CD 53 - remove Y-cable
00656401 E65 E66 Replacing central gateway module (ZGM)
00656501 E46 Recoding airbag control unit
00656601 E65 E66 Replacing Central Gateway Module (scope 2)
00656701 E46 - Reprogramming navigation computer
00656801 E46/5 - Replacing TV amplifier
00656901 E39 E53 US Retrofitting RC filter for on-board monitor radio
00657001 E39 E46 Navigation software update
00657101 E65 US (SA 603) Re-encoding control display
00657201 E39 E53 Encoding DSP amplifier (USA only)
00657301 E39 E53 Encoding DSP amplifier / replacing RC filter
00657401 E85 Replacing video module
00657501 "E65 E66 Replacing seat occupancy detection mat, front seats "
00660104 E36 AUS Radio remote control 315Mhz
00660301 E46 PDC Ultrasonic transducer incorrectly fitted
00710111 E36 M44 US Exhaust instruction plate
00710201 E36/5 316i Incorrectly filled in vehicle registration documents
00710301 E36/7 S52 Exhaust emission information plate incorrect
00710401 E36/7 E39 S50 S52 S62 M-Mobility system hose routing
00710501 E53 Jack mounted incorrectly
00710601 E46/C Tyre inflation pressure sticker incorrect
00710701 E36/7 Tyre inflation pressure sticker incorrect
00710801 E46 US emission label fitted incorrectly in engine compartment
00710901 E46 Replace tyre inflation pressure sticker
00711001 E65 Retrofit exhaust emission sticker
00711101 E53 (4.6is) Retrofit tyre inflation pressure information plate
00711201 R50 R53 US Replace barcode sticker
00711301 R50 US Replacing tyre inflation pressure information plate
00711401 E39 US - Tyre inflation pressure sticker
00711501 "E65 E66 Retrofitting information sign, vehicle jack "
00720114 E36 Compact Child's safety belt
00720115 "E36/2, 4 with SA 465 - Rear safety belt "
00720201 E38 Loose passenger airbag
00720501 E36/7C Upper belt retractor rests on B-pillar
00720601 "E38 Replacing head airbag, rear (C-bag) "
00720701 E32/3 Checking emergency exit
00720901 E53 Roof rack threaded connection
00721001 "E53 Seat belt threaded connection, front"
00721101 "E53 Seat belt anchorage, rear "
00721201 "E46/2/4 US Upper belt, child safety lock, rear "
00721301 E39 E46 E52 Checking belt buckles
00721401 "E46/2/C Screw connection, airbag module, door, left "
00721501 E53 E85 Checking date of manufacture of seat belt tensioner
00820101 E36 E46 E39 E38 Replace baby seat
00840201 E39 touring - Telephone-data-fax interface
00840301 E38 with SA 622 - Tandem telephone system
00840401 E38 E39 Incorrect installation of interface telephone (Arabian countries only
00840501 E38 E39 (with SA 629 and 677) - Voice input control unit
00840601 E38 E39 With SA 620 without SA 677 - Voice input control unit with cooling plate
00840901 E39 E53 ECE Cordless handset adapter lead
00841001 E38 E39 E46 (SA 632) Replacing interface + electronic charger for hands-free system
00841201 E65 Replace transceiver
00841301 E39 Retrofitting adapter lead for cordless telephone handset
00841401 E65 E66 US Programming transceiver
00841501 E39 Replacing electronic charger/hands-free module
00841601 E65 E66 (Japan) Encoding flexible BUS interface (FBI)
00841701 E39 E46 Replacing universal charger and telephone hands-free facility
00990301 E36/7 M54 B30 Owner's Handbook missing/incorrect
00990401 E36/7 M54 B30 Mistake in Owner's Handbook
00990601 E65 Replace Owner's Handbook
00990701 E65 US Operating instructions (automatic emergency call)
00990801 "R50 R53 Supplementary Owner's Handbook, Australia "
00990901 E65 E66 Owner's handbook (automatic emergency call)
01120139 Noise/vibration when starting engine Unpleasant noises
01120157 Noise/vibration when starting engine Vibration / oscillation
011201XX Noise/vibration when starting engine
0112XXXX Noise/vibration when starting engine
01130139 Noise/vibration when stationary with engine running Unpleasant noises
01130157 Noise/vibration when stationary with engine running Vibration / oscillation
011301XX Noise/vibration when stationary with engine running
01131139 Without engaged gear/drive range Unpleasant noises
01131157 Without engaged gear/drive range Vibration / oscillation
011311XX Without engaged gear/drive range
01131239 With engaged gear/drive range Unpleasant noises
01131257 With engaged gear/drive range Vibration / oscillation
011312XX With engaged gear/drive range
01131339 With air-conditioning unit on Unpleasant noises
01131357 With air-conditioning unit on Vibration / oscillation
011313XX With air-conditioning unit on
01131439 With electrical consumers on Unpleasant noises
01131457 With electrical consumers on Vibration / oscillation
011314XX With electrical consumers on
01131539 At full steering lock Unpleasant noises
01131557 At full steering lock Vibration / oscillation
011315XX At full steering lock
0113XXXX Noise/vibration when stationary with engine running
01148739 Acceleration in forward gears/stages Unpleasant noises
01148757 Acceleration in forward gears/stages Vibration / oscillation
011487XX Acceleration in forward gears/stages
01148839 Accelerating in reverse gear Unpleasant noises
01148857 Accelerating in reverse gear Vibration / oscillation
011488XX Accelerating in reverse gear
0114XXXX Noise/vibration when accelerating
01168739 Constant driving speed in forward gears/stages Unpleasant noises
01168757 Constant driving speed in forward gears/stages Vibration / oscillation
011687XX Constant driving speed in forward gears/stages
01168839 Constant driving in reverse gear Unpleasant noises
01168857 Constant driving in reverse gear Vibration / oscillation
011688XX Constant driving in reverse gear
0116XXXX Noise/vibration at Constant driving
01178739 Deceleration in forward gears/stages Unpleasant noises
01178757 Deceleration in forward gears/stages Vibration / oscillation
011787XX Deceleration in forward gears/stages
01178839 Decelerating in reverse gear Unpleasant noises
01178857 Decelerating in reverse gear Vibration / oscillation
011788XX Decelerating in reverse gear
0117XXXX Noise/vibration when decelerating (coasting)
01180139 Noise/vibration when turning off engine Unpleasant noises
01180157 Noise/vibration when turning off engine Vibration / oscillation
011801XX Noise/vibration when turning off engine
0118XXXX Noise/vibration when turning off engine
01XXXXXX Complete vehicle (symptom defect codes)
10110005 Cold start Fails to start
10110006 Cold start Long start time
10110009 Cold start Goes out
10110019 Cold start Not running on all cylinders
10110047 Cold start Drop in engine speed
10110070 Cold start Wngine drops in speed too slowly
101100XX Cold start
1011XXXX Cold start
10120005 Hot start - permanent Fails to start
10120006 Hot start - permanent Long start time
10120009 Hot start - permanent Goes out
10120019 Hot start - permanent Not running on all cylinders
10120047 Hot start - permanent Drop in engine speed
10120070 Hot start - permanent Wngine drops in speed too slowly
101200XX Hot start - permanent
1012XXXX Start in all operating modes
10200120 Switching off when engine cold Not running / overrunning
102001XX Switching off when engine cold
10201120 Switching off when engine hot Not running / overrunning
102011XX Switching off when engine hot
1020XXXX Switching off engine
10310035 Idling quality Uneven running
10310042 Idling quality Misfires / malfunction
103100XX Idling quality
10310124 Idling speed Surge
10310147 Idling speed Drop in engine speed
10310159 Idling speed Too low / deep / slight
10310160 Idling speed Too high
103101XX Idling speed
10310209 Idling at full steering lock Goes out
10310247 Idling at full steering lock Drop in engine speed
103102XX Idling at full steering lock
10310309 Idling while engaging/changing drive range Goes out
10310347 Idling while engaging/changing drive range Drop in engine speed
103103XX Idling while engaging/changing drive range
10310409 Idling while switching A/C unit on/off Goes out
10310447 Idling while switching A/C unit on/off Drop in engine speed
103104XX Idling while switching A/C unit on/off
1031XXXX Idling with cold engine
10320035 Idling quality Uneven running
10320042 Idling quality Misfires / malfunction
103200XX Idling quality
10320124 Idling speed Surge
10320147 Idling speed Drop in engine speed
10320159 Idling speed Too low / deep / slight
10320160 Idling speed Too high
103201XX Idling speed
10320209 Idling with full steering lock Goes out
10320247 Idling with full steering lock Drop in engine speed
103202XX Idling with full steering lock
10320309 Idling while engaging/changing drive range Goes out
10320347 Idling while engaging/changing drive range Drop in engine speed
103203XX Idling while engaging/changing drive range
10320409 Idling while switching A/C unit on/off Goes out
10320447 Idling while switching A/C unit on/off Drop in engine speed
103204XX Idling while switching A/C unit on/off
10329157 "E36 M44 Vibration when idling, vibrations in the seat "
10329309 E36/7 E46 E53 M54 B30 Engine stalls when steering is turned to full lock/when braking
1032XXXX Idling in all operating modes
10410109 Starting characteristics Goes out
10410147 Starting characteristics Drop in engine speed
104101XX Starting characteristics
10410209 Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range Goes out
10410235 Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range Uneven running
10410247 Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range Drop in engine speed
104102XX Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range
10410338 Acceleration Shaking
10410361 Acceleration Too rough
10410371 Acceleration Retarded / churning
104103XX Acceleration
10410438 Constant driving Shaking
10410442 Constant driving Misfires / malfunction
104104XX Constant driving
10410538 Transition from traction mode to coasting Shaking
10410561 Transition from traction mode to coasting Too rough
104105XX Transition from traction mode to coasting
10410638 Setting off again (coasting at idle) Shaking
10410661 Setting off again (coasting at idle) Too rough
104106XX Setting off again (coasting at idle)
10410770 Shift procedure Wngine drops in speed too slowly
104107XX Shift procedure
10410838 Switching A/C unit on/off Shaking
104108XX Switching A/C unit on/off
1041XXXX Drive characteristics while engine cold
10420109 Starting characteristics Goes out
10420147 Starting characteristics Drop in engine speed
104201XX Starting characteristics
10420209 Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range Goes out
10420235 Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range Uneven running
10420247 Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range Drop in engine speed
104202XX Transition from idle speed after clutch disengagement / neutral range
10420338 Acceleration Shaking
10420361 Acceleration Too rough
10420371 Acceleration Retarded / churning
104203XX Acceleration
10420438 Constant driving Shaking
10420442 Constant driving Misfires / malfunction
104204XX Constant driving
10420538 Transition from traction mode to coasting Shaking
10420561 Transition from traction mode to coasting Too rough
104205XX Transition from traction mode to coasting
10420638 Setting off again (coasting at idle speed) Shaking
10420661 Setting off again (coasting at idle speed) Too rough
104206XX Setting off again (coasting at idle speed)
10420770 Shift procedure Wngine drops in speed too slowly
104207XX Shift procedure
10420838 Switching A/C unit on/off Shaking
104208XX Switching A/C unit on/off
10423059 Maximum speed Too low / deep / slight
104230XX Maximum speed
10423159 Performance Too low / deep / slight
104231XX Performance
10423259 Power when starting Too low / deep / slight
104232XX Power when starting
10423361 Governed top roadspeed Too rough
104233XX Governed top roadspeed
10423461 Governed top engine speed Too rough
104234XX Governed top engine speed
10423539 Acceleration knock Unpleasant noises
104235XX Acceleration knock
10423639 Knock when driving at constant speed Unpleasant noises
104236XX Knock when driving at constant speed
1042XXXX Driving in all operating modes
10500085 Exhaust emission inspection not passed
105000XX Exhaust emission inspection
10501160 Black smoke with cold engine Too high
105011XX Black smoke with cold engine
10501260 Black smoke with hot engine Too high
105012XX Black smoke with hot engine
10501317 Exhaust with cold engine Odour
105013XX Exhaust with cold engine
10501417 Exhaust with hot engine Odour
105014XX Exhaust with hot engine
1050XXXX Exhaust characteristics
10600060 "Fuel consumption, general Too high "
106000XX "Fuel consumption, general"
10600160 Fuel consumption over short distances Too high
106001XX Fuel consumption over short distances
1060XXXX Fuel consumption
10700117 Coolant Odour
107001XX Coolant
10700348 Coolant traces on ground / in engine compartment Leaking
107003XX Coolant traces on ground / in engine compartment
10701059 Engine temperature according to temperature display Too low / deep / slight
10701060 Engine temperature according to temperature display Too high
107010XX Engine temperature according to temperature display
1070XXXX Cooling
10800117 Engine oil Odour
108001XX Engine oil
10800260 Oil consumption Too high
108002XX Oil consumption
10800348 Oil traces on ground / in engine compartment Leaking
108003XX Oil traces on ground / in engine compartment
10801087 Oil pressure (although oil level O.K.) warning lamp lights up
108010XX Oil pressure (although oil level O.K.)
1080XXXX Lubrication
10XXXXXX Engine (symptom defect codes)
11110022 Crankcase Manufacturing fault
111100XX Crankcase
11110537 Reinforcing shell with oil deflector Loose
111105XX Reinforcing shell with oil deflector
11110648 "Crankcase, coolant side Leaking "
111106XX "Crankcase, coolant side "
11110748 "Crankcase, oil side Leaking "
111107XX "Crankcase, oil side "
11110848 Screw plug in coolant area Leaking
111108XX Screw plug in coolant area
11110948 Screw plug in oil area Leaking
111109XX Screw plug in oil area
11111154 "Cylinder barrel Scratches, score marks "
11111169 Cylinder barrel Worn / sheared through
111111XX Cylinder barrel
1111XXXX Engine block
11120001 Cylinder head cover Cracked / broken / torn off
111200XX Cylinder head cover
11120148 Cylinder head cover gasket Leaking
111201XX Cylinder head cover gasket
11120201 Cylinder head bolt Cracked / broken / torn off
11120223 Cylinder head bolt Incorrect / not fitted
11120237 Cylinder head bolt Loose
111202XX Cylinder head bolt
11120301 Cylinder head Cracked / broken / torn off
11120332 Cylinder head Deformed / distorted / bent
111203XX Cylinder head
11120621 Valve guide Worn
111206XX Valve guide
11120737 Valve seat ring Loose
11120769 Valve seat ring Worn / sheared through
111207XX Valve seat ring
11120948 Heater connection at cylinder head Leaking
111209XX Heater connection at cylinder head
11121316 Burner insert (diesel) Broken off
11121337 Burner insert (diesel) Loose
111213XX Burner insert (diesel)
11121448 "Cylinder head, coolant side Leaking"
111214XX "Cylinder head, coolant side "
11121548 "Cylinder head, oil side Leaking "
111215XX "Cylinder head, oil side "
11121648 "Cylinder head gasket, coolant side Leaking "
111216XX "Cylinder head gasket, coolant side "
11121748 "Cylinder head gasket, oil side Leaking "
111217XX "Cylinder head gasket, oil side"
11121837 Cylinder head oil filler cover Loose
11121848 Cylinder head oil filler cover Leaking
111218XX Cylinder head oil filler cover
11121948 "Cylinder head cover, spark plug well Leaking "
111219XX "Cylinder head cover, spark plug well "
11122232 Ignition coil cover Deformed / distorted / bent
111222XX Ignition coil cover
11122314 Non-return valve for VANOS Occasional malfunction
11122315 Non-return valve for VANOS Permanent malfunction
111223XX Non-return valve for VANOS
11122448 Check valve for cylinder head oil supply Leaking
111224XX Check valve for cylinder head oil supply
11122513 Cam carrier Broken
111225XX Cam carrier
11125001 Cylinder head-timing case (M-model) Cracked / broken / torn off
11125048 Cylinder head-timing case (M-model) Leaking
111250XX Cylinder head-timing case (M-model)
11129148 "E36/7 E38 E39 E46 M52TU cylinder head, leak in coolant area "
1112XXXX Cylinder head with cover
11130001 Oil sump Cracked / broken / torn off
11130037 Oil sump Loose
111300XX Oil sump
11130148 "Oil sump gasket, top Leaking "
111301XX "Oil sump gasket, top"
11130248 "Oil sump gasket, bottom (V-engines) Leaking "
111302XX "Oil sump gasket, bottom (V-engines)"
11130348 Oil drain plug Leaking
111303XX Oil drain plug
11130411 Oil circuit changeover valve (M-models) Occasional failure
11130412 Oil circuit changeover valve (M-models) Permanent failure
111304XX Oil circuit changeover valve (M-models)
11131001 "Oil pan, two-piece (V-engines, M-engines) Cracked / broken / torn off "
11131037 "Oil pan, two-piece (V-engines, M-engines) Loose "
111310XX "Oil pan, two-piece (V-engines, M-engines) "
11139204 E52 Oil drain plug leaking/too short
1113XXXX Oil sump
11140048 "Timing case cover, top Leaking"
111400XX "Timing case cover, top "
11140148 "Timing case cover, bottom Leaking "
111401XX "Timing case cover, bottom"
11140248 End cover on crankcase Leaking
111402XX End cover on crankcase
11140348 Rotary shaft seal (pulley side) Leaking
111403XX Rotary shaft seal (pulley side)
11140448 Rotary shaft seal (clutch side) Leaking
111404XX Rotary shaft seal (clutch side)
11140748 "End cover, top/displacer (V-engines) Leaking "
111407XX "End cover, top/displacer (V-engines) "
1114XXXX Housing cover
11150048 Engine breather lines Leaking
111500XX Engine breather lines
11150314 Valve for crankcase venting Occasional malfunction
11150315 Valve for crankcase venting Permanent malfunction
11150348 Valve for crankcase venting Leaking
111503XX Valve for crankcase venting
11159169 E36/7 E39 E46 M52/TU Crankcase ventilation line worn
1115XXXX Housing ventilation
11210013 Crankshaft Broken
11210099 Crankshaft Fault code stored in diagnosis fault code memory (no warning lamp)
112100XX Crankshaft
11210269 Crankshaft chain sprocket Worn / sheared through
112102XX Crankshaft chain sprocket
11210428 Deep-groove ball bearing in crankshaft Seized
11210439 Deep-groove ball bearing in crankshaft Unpleasant noises
112104XX Deep-groove ball bearing in crankshaft
11210728 Axial crankshaft bearing Seized
11210731 Axial crankshaft bearing Excessive play
112107XX Axial crankshaft bearing
11210828 Radial crankshaft bearing Seized
11210831 Radial crankshaft bearing Excessive play
112108XX Radial crankshaft bearing
11210937 Crankshaft on main bearing shell cover Loose
112109XX Crankshaft on main bearing shell cover
11211514 Pulse generator wheel on crankshaft Occasional malfunction
11211515 Pulse generator wheel on crankshaft Permanent malfunction
11211599 Pulse generator wheel on crankshaft Fault code stored in diagnosis fault code memory (no warning lam
112115XX Pulse generator wheel on crankshaft
1121XXXX Crankshaft with bearing
11220001 Flywheel Cracked / broken / torn off
11220026 Flywheel Grooved
11220037 Flywheel Loose
11220039 Flywheel Unpleasant noises
11220048 Flywheel Leaking
112200XX Flywheel
11220116 Ring gear Broken off
11220137 Ring gear Loose
112201XX Ring gear
11220201 Driving disc for automatic transmission Cracked / broken / torn off
11220237 Driving disc for automatic transmission Loose
11220239 Driving disc for automatic transmission Unpleasant noises
112202XX Driving disc for automatic transmission
11220439 Flywheel with damper for E-CVT Unpleasant noises
11220448 Flywheel with damper for E-CVT Leaking
11220456 Flywheel with damper for E-CVT Poor running characteristics / friction
112204XX Flywheel with damper for E-CVT
1122XXXX Flywheel
11230001 Vibration damper (crankshaft) Cracked / broken / torn off
11230021 Vibration damper (crankshaft) Worn
11230037 Vibration damper (crankshaft) Loose
112300XX Vibration damper (crankshaft)
1123XXXX Vibration damper
11240013 Connecting rod Broken
11240032 Connecting rod Deformed / distorted / bent
112400XX Connecting rod
11240169 Connecting rod bearing shells Worn / sheared through
112401XX Connecting rod bearing shells
1124XXXX Connecting rod with bearing
11250028 Piston Seized
11250039 Piston Unpleasant noises
11250051 Piston Burnt/burnt through
11250054 "Piston Scratches, score marks "
112500XX Piston
11250137 Piston pin Loose
112501XX Piston pin
11250213 Piston rings Broken
11250269 Piston rings Worn / sheared through

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