740i/iL Recirc Filter Refurbishment

From what I have read, a new set of recirculation filters are about $60US from the dealer.

For about $10.00 US you should be able to refurbish your existing filters, and have plenty of material left over to donate for about 25 other replacements.

This is what I used for my new material. It was $9.97 at Home Depot.

This stuff is about twice as thick as the original material, however it compresses easy enough and fits perfectly into the old frames


This is what the filters looked like that came from my 95 740i.

The quantity of dirt trapped in the filter was amazing.

Use your fingers to pry the cover grating away from the frame, and remove the old element.

Using the old element as a template, cut out your new element.

The filter just snaps back together.