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Background Information
Background information on ozone depletion and reasons for our concern about CFC to HFC Conversion.
How an Automotive Air Conditioner Works
This page discribes how an automotive air conditioner works along with thermodynamic principles and refrigerant characteristics.
Air Conditioning System Diagnostic Check Out Procedures
This page contains a checklist to check out an automotive air conditioner.
Pressure Temperature Table
A pressure temperature relationship table of R-134a and R-12.
Vacuum's Effect on Water
This is a table, which shows the effect vacuum has on the boiling point of water. At different temperatures there are different vacuums need in order to boil and remove moisture (water) from an air conditioning system.
Air Conditioning Condensers the main concern in a Retrofit?
This page contains information on Condensers and there design.
General Retrofit Procedures
Original Equipment Retrofit Procedures
Other Concerns
Retrofit Recommendations by Others
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